Ms. Irene Wanyana (MHI, Makerere University)

Health Data Analytics & Management
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Irene is a Health informatics researcher and graduate of Bachelors Degree in Information Technology, Makerere University (Mak). She is currently finalizing her Masters Degree in Health Informatics at Mak. She worked with Health care research institutions since 2010 where she actively participated in the implementation of major research studies focused on the neurodevelopmental outcomes in children with severe malaria.

Her major tasks involved data collection, data management, analysis and providing IT support to end-users. She has technical experience in managing and setting up of computer hardware /software, system administration and networking. Irene’s research interests focus on Big Data Health Care Analytics. She aims at improving safety, efficiency and quality of healthcare services in low developing countries like Uganda through the use of big data analytics; its concepts such as predictive analysis and machine learning create a great opportunity and potential to optimize health care data.

Her masters research study seeks to identify, adopt or invent tools and techniques that can successfully be used to store, analyze and visualize healthcare data in order to derive insightful meanings that can ensure automated and effective healthcare delivery. She has experience in using mobile technologies to provide healthcare services to patients in Uganda through the use of medical call centers, short text messages and social media platforms.